Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Latvia bans telecast of the Russian government

Latvia Lithuania reportedly joined in banning television broadcasts of the Russian government found some programs because of the Ukrainian crisis tendentious and not aligned with the interests of the security of the nations in the Baltic region .

" The prohibition of broadcast for three months to all of the program on Rossiya television began on this day , following a decision by the National Electronic Media Council of Latvia , " said a spokesman for the media watchdog Latvia , Sanita Blomniece , told The Associated Press , yesterday , as reported by station Al Arabiya television on Tuesday ( 8/4 ) .

The council said the decision was prompted by the findings of the Latvian Security Police , who called the crisis in Ukraine in a report last month Rossiya presented in a way to justify military aggression against a sovereign state .

A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow , Pnsyantin Dolgovsaid , condemned the decision Latvia . He calls the prohibition of Latvia is the latest attempt to censor information and a violation of fundamental rights of access to the mass media .

The prohibition applied Latvia follows a similar ban from their neighboring Lithuania against Russian state television RTR - Planeta for three months , after the media watchdog in the capital Vilnius find a weekly news program on Ukraine said bias . Yesterday , the Vilnius Regional Court uphold the board's decision .
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" The program incite acts of violence against the peaceful citizens of Ukraine , justify military intervention into question the legitimacy of Ukraine and the Ukrainian authorities , " said court spokesman Sigita Jacineviciene Baltaduone . " This is obviously biased and may be intended to incite discord . "

Three countries in the Baltic region , Latvia , Lithuania and Estonia , the Russian ethnic minorities have a sizeable and increasingly concerned with the action of the Kremlin to the declaration of the State of Ukraine and it is called the Red Bear will protect Russian citizens abroad


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