Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Organda : 37 Thousand Bus Ready Lebaran Transport of travelers

Ahead of Eid , Land Transportation Organization ( Organda ) has been prepared to anticipate a surge in passengers . " The total fleet that we have prepared approximately 36-37 thousand range fleet , " said Secretary General of the National Council ( DPP ) Organda , Andriansyah , told Tempo , Tuesday, April 29, 2014 . ( Read : Coming to Lebaran , Airlines Will Add Flight )

He revealed that number includes 3,500 bus fleet tourism as a backup . Andriansyah said the entire fleet that will operate , especially in Central Java and East Java . Organda focus provide buses to serve passengers who want homecoming to Yogyakarta , Solo, Purwokerto , Semarang , Kediri and Surabaya .
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" We seek an adequate number of seats available so people do not have to worry , " said Andriansyah . According to him , usually Lebaran peak load occurs at the H - 3 and H +2 .

At this time forth season , he expects no significant surge of passengers . The surge is only about 2-3 percent . " Because a lot of people who use personal vehicles , ie motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicles , " he said .

Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council ( DPD ) of Jakarta Organda Safruan Sinungan claim the bus fleet sufficient to deal with most passengers . He said people do not book tickets for the upcoming homecoming . " Usually new bookings crowded when the fasting month began , " he said .

Previously , until the ninth day since the opening of ticket sales Eid on Sunday , 27 April 2014 , most of the tickets for the train 's exodus has been sold. This is the ninth day of the sale to the departure of the H - 2 Lebaran or July 26, 2014 . " Nice economy class , business , and executive are sold out , " said Public Relations Manager of PT KAI Operation Region 5 Purwokerto , Surono , Sunday , 27 April 2014 . ( Read : Additional Trains Announced A month ahead of Eid )

He says it runs out of tickets for departure Jakarta purpose Purwokerto , Yogyakarta , Solo, Malang , and Surabaya . Tickets exhausted for the departure of the H - 5 and H - 2 Lebaran or 23 to 26 July 2014.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Bing Crosby often met in the Assembly Idris Sardi Taklim

Artist 's role Bing Crosby ( 47 ) claims often met with violinist and songwriter of the legendary Indonesian Idris Sardi , before declining health deceased . They often met for being part of the same taklim . According to Adi , Idris diligently attended the event and taklim was undergoing treatment there .

" The last two weeks still like to see you , see you taklim time . Coming taklim , was also treated at Pak Haji , in Arridho in Cijantung Foundation ( East Jakarta ) . Lately much closer , " said the former actress and singer 's role in interview before the funeral Idris in Menteng Pulo General Cemetery , South Jakarta ,Monday ( 04/28/2014 ) .
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According to Adi , it was encouraging to know that Idris declining health condition .

" I had the support of love , ' Come Om , to be strong , 100 years must also be strong ' , " said Adi .

Adi admitted also felt the loss figure of Idris .

" Ya lah ( loss ) , baseball is more like him , who else ? Beginning of discipline , knowledge , " said the son of the late Bing Slamet , and the role of the legendary musical artist this country .

Idris breathed his last at the age of 75 years at the Hospital Meilia Cibubur , Cimanggis , Depok , West Java , on Monday ( 28/s/2014 ) , at 07.25 pm .


Ticket counters at Station Still Serve Pieces Price

Although ticket reservation counters are closed , the railway station still serves to purchase tickets at a special price tickets for elderly , veterans , military, police , journalists , and so on . "If the ticket reduction can not be done when booking online . Should take care of directly on the counter , " said Head of Solo Racing Station , Sigit Budiantono , Monday, April 28, 2014 .

As is known , PT Kereta Api Indonesia ( Persero ) gives a discount ticket prices for a number of people . For the category of elderly (seniors ) , for example , can be discounted 25 percent , 50 percent veterans , members PWRI 20 percent , military / police 50 percent , 10 percent KOPRI members and journalists 20 percent
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The statement responding to the decision to start stop services KAI booking train tickets at the station manually . Termination ticket booking service at the station will begin simultaneously on August 15, 2014 in all regions of KAI operations in Indonesia . ( Read : Eid is Far , Train Tickets for Homecoming Ludes )

Sigit said long-distance train tickets as Argo and Argo Dwipangga Lawu Solo- Jakarta route for departures on weekends or holidays are usually fully booked long ago . But in the middle of the week , there are still tickets available . ( Read : Additional Trains Announced A month ahead of Eid )

Currently Solo Racing stations still operate three types of counters , which counters to direct sales , sales of local trains and reservation counters for departures on other days . Later, the station will disseminate to potential buyers so as not duped when buying a ticket starting in August.

Sigit claimed the closure of ticket reservation counters are intended to reduce the queue at stations . Communities are expected to buy tickets through a ticket agent , access the website or through mini Railways are becoming networked ticket sales agent .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Against PKS Gerindra , What Can Chair Vice President ?

PKS groom Gerindra for the 2014 presidential election . Positive signals given PKS . Dragon-dragon , the coalition will happen to the Presidential Election . Prabowo still be president , then what about the vice presidential candidate , will be given to the PKS ?

" It's not , about the Vice President has not spoken to the Shura Council . Yet offered . We still see the vision mission Pak Prabowo , " said Shura Council Member Hidayat Nur Wahid while talking on Monday ( 04/28/2014 ) .
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PKS already has three strong candidates are prepared to move forward in the presidential election . 3 The name is derived from Pemira held internally , ie, Ahmad Heryawan , Hidayat Nur Wahid , and Anis Matta .

Certainly , the coalition said Hidayat affair is not about to divide power. Certainly , the PKS wants to build a coalition of the state fair and prosperous Indonesia .

" We want to be friends , not looking for an opponent , " he added .

Hidayat already tallying , a coalition with the terms of the Presidential Election Gerindra when seeing the House seat with 20 percent , and Gerindra PKS was able to fulfill it.

" But it was delivered , Gerindra want a big tent coalition . Comrades We need another , " he explained .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On acquisition, 7,000 employees and Purchase Bank BTN and BTN

Insurgency acquisition plan State Savings Bank ( BTN ) by Bank Mandiri is getting harder . Now even 7,000 employees BTN BTN already bought shares and shares of Bank Mandiri as a strategy to thwart the acquisition by Bank Mandiri .

According to Satya Wijayantara , Chairman SP BTN , of Movement " One Worker One Lot " starts from April 14 to 24 April. From a total of 11,000 employees BTN , 7,000 of which have already bought shares BTN Independent and 1 lot each . " The value may be small if the summed total . Less than 4 per cent stake in BTN and the Bank , " said Satya KONTAN when contacted on Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

Under the existing provisions , a shareholder under 4 percent did not have the power of sound to be heard in the general meeting of shareholders ( AGM ) . " But if the 7,000 people attending the AGM Independent and BTN , can we abort it if you want to be made a fuss , " says Satya .

Satya asserted , since the beginning of the State Minister for State-Owned Enterprises ( SOEs ) Dahlan Iskan wrong in managing the BTN as an SOE management . Dahlan Iskan still use the paradigm as an entrepreneur solely to maximize profits .

" He did not see the value of benefits to be given a SOE for the nation . Since 2006 , BTN has a mandate from the Government and the Commission and Commission XI VI to be the main conduit for the financing of subsidized housing lower middle income people , " says Satya .

Therefore , compact BTN employees oppose the motion " One Worker One Lot " . This movement invites employees to buy shares of BTN and BTN Bank 1 lot each . This movement has been started since April 14, the day after tomorrow to April 24.
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" Although small in value of the total stock , but we are optimistic could derail the acquisition agreement if our presence in the AGM made ​​a fuss . Fact if necessary , BTN Headquarters entrance will be closed , " said Satya .


Monday, April 21, 2014

MH 192 Passenger Aircraft Pilot Praises Greatness

Passenger plane Malaysia Airlines ( MAS ) flight number MH192 who are having problems in flights to Bangalore , India , praised the pilot who held an emergency landing safely at Kuala Lumpur International Airport ( KLIA ) on Monday ( 21/4 ) .

" It was the most frightening experience of my life , but I'm happy because the pilot made ​​a perfect landing , " said one passenger , Masluhuddin Khan ( 30 ) , an Australian citizen of Indian descent .

MAS flight MH192 which leaves KLIA at 22:09 ( local time ) on Sunday ( 20/4 ) toward Bengalore landing gear was damaged on the right when leaving the airport . A few moments later the plane turned around and made ​​an emergency landing at KLIA at 01:56 Monday morning .

The plane carrying 159 passengers and seven crew members were flown by Captain Adam Nor Azmi and copilot Prakash Kumar .

Masluhuddin added , pilots always provide information to passengers every 20 minutes or so about the steps being taken to an emergency landing of aircraft including maintenance for four hours in the air .

" All the passengers on the plane and feel calm in the cabin runs good situation , " he said as quoted by Bernama .
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Masluhuddin and 158 other passengers were welcomed by Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein , Malaysia Airport Director Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad and MAS CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya in KLIA satellite building .


Well Counts Jokowi against vice presidential candidate

Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo , said the three candidates still selecting a vice presidential candidate who would stand by her . Jakarta Governor running mate is said determination has yet to be done in the near future because he is still " counting " of the vice presidential candidate .

" Everything is still my count , was calculated . Could not decide quickly , everything has to be counted , it must be true determination. Shall be calculated from all angles , " he said at City Hall , Monday, April 21, 2014 . Jokowi insisted he did not want to rush - rush to decide companion . "Is not there still a month away , there is no deadline should be the date , " he said . ( Read also : Jokowi : Declaration Vice President A week - Two Week Again )
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Jokowi vice assess the determination of the three remaining candidates still need time because it is not just a matter of decision of Jokowi , PDI-P , or National Democratic Party . According to him , the determination of vice must also consider the interests of the nation . " It's not a matter of Jokowi , or PDIP , or NasDem . This is the problem of the nation and the state . There are calculations and calculations , " he said .

Former Mayor of Solo is asserted , the vice president later could have been derived from the civilian or military background . He also did not rule out if the consort later from the party or non-party . " There have been so I can mention the civil , military , party , non-party , all politicians can be , " he said .

Yesterday , Jokowi said vice presidential candidate had tapered from five to three names . He still refused to say who the third person is . Three names often mentioned is going to be the running mate Jusuf Kalla Jokowi , Mahfud Md . , And Ryamizard Ryacudu . ( If duet with JK , Jokowi : The sun One )


Friday, April 18, 2014

Bluefin-21 dive beyond the limits of its ability

Underwater robots that comb the Bluefin - 21 base for the Indian Ocean searching for Malaysia Airlines MH370 has dived to exceed the maximum limit of her diving ability .

It made the underwater vehicle is at risk that did not happen earlier amid waning hopes Bluefin - 21 will soon find MH370 debris .

Bluefin - 21 belongs to the U.S. Navy and has become the core search sonarnya MH370 in zones away about 2,000 km from Perth in Western Australia .

However, searching by Bluefin - 21 on the ocean floor uncharted automatic safety mechanism that disrupt the underwater vehicle when delivered to a depth of more than 4.5 km .

This Friday or fifth dive mission , Bluefin - 21 had to dive to depths of 4,695 feet or exceed the maximum limits .

" This is the first time the Bluefin - 21 is lowered into the depths , " said Marine Lt. Daniel S. Marciniak told Reuters .

" Dive into the depths as it creates residual risk to the device and is carefully monitored by the U.S. Navy and ( owner of Bluefin - 21 ) Phoenix International . "

Marciniak justify the search area has been narrowed Bluefin - 21 is based on further analysis of the early signals are believed to come from the black box MH370 .
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Authorities say a U.S. Navy statement that hunt by Bluefin - 21 would require two months is one , otherwise the vehicle centered in the area of ​​underwater search has narrowed and more focused . Reuters


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bawaslu: Total Violations Over 3,507 Cases Accomplished Pileg

Election Supervisory Body ( Bawaslu ) says total offense pileg 2014 based on public statements and findings in the field reached 3,507 cases . Consisting of 209 criminal offenses election , 3,238 administrative violations , 42 cases of violation of the code of ethics , and 18 cases outside the category of election violations .

Commissioner Bawaslu Nasrullah said , of total offense , the most widely occurred before to open the campaign is done . Totaled 3,238 violations , which dominated 2876 cases of administrative violations , 75 criminal offense cases , and 23 cases of ethics violations

" The rest of the quiet period until the voting and counting as many as 225 violation , " Nasrallah said in Bawaslu building , Wednesday ( 16/4 ) .

According to him , of the offense on the polling day until the counting process is still ongoing today is dominated criminal offense . At least 132 criminal offenses recorded Bawaslu election . Then as many as 81 cases of administrative violations , and 12 cases of ethics violations .

Campaign violations before the violation modes are found with the installation of props . Then the campaign outside the schedule , the involvement of village leaders in the campaign , political money , and the involvement of civil servants ( PNS ) , as well as the use of state facilities . Bawaslu also noted the campaign is not registered to the KPU 's campaign team .

In the quiet period , the offense shifted money politics . The implementation of the campaign in the mass media , although prohibited , until the action of the committee voting group elements ( KPPS ) affiliated with participant elections .

For example, distributing invitations choose diselipi insurance card or cards of certain candidates . Bawaslu also noted that many people do not get to choose the form C6 citing lack of form of the model.

Violations are troubling , said Nasrullah , was found at the time of voting and counting . Due to the potential violations manipulate election results and undermine the integrity of the election organizers .

Mode varies infraction . As with voters using the form C6 mjilik others . Voters to vote more than once . KPPS and witnesses to use the remaining ballots punched . As well as found also KPPS ballot before voting takes place . With mencobloskan ballots for certain candidates .

" The most worrying , the indication of a change in the official report form C1 KPPS TPS then submitted to the PPS . Different counting results , the content of which is owned witness C1 form and Supervisory Committee , " said Nasrullah .

Currently , he said , Bawaslu undertaking steps to ensure the investigation of suspected persons who perform the conversion .

" Like a crooked iron , we will straighten . If it is not caught in the PPS , the county / city , province . If there is no indication of manipulation though it was in the center , we can dismantle again from the bottom , " he said .
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Currently , in some areas has been arrested according KPPS naughty and police followed . Even a few cases have been handed over to the prosecutor . For trial soon .


Problem Democrat Coalition Ruhut Wait Fatwa SBY

Democratic Party coalition leaves the decision to the Chairman of the presidential election of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono . This was confirmed Democrat spokesman Ruhut Sitompul .

" I do not want to precede , one vote we wait for SBY , " said Ruhut when it was confirmed on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

The same thing is also related to the vice presidential candidate will be offered to the other party as Democrat coalition proposal . Ruhut said it was based on his unpopular decision .

" I say that to say it was just SBY , if others say who he is . Wait SBY , I'm afraid even precedes and may I mention that supported me ( so running mate ) , " he said .
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Ruhut claimed not to be able to provide definitive information about the coalition between Gerindra and Hanura .

" Gerindra certainly waiting for SBY . Hanura engga enough , but if you want Hanura coalition with us and other parties , may be , " said Member of Commission III .
Ruhut judge is likely presidential candidate in addition to Joko Widodo , Bakrie and Prabowo .

"Everything can still happen . Spokesman wait fatwa I as SBY , " he added .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Mahathir: Malaysia Support New Indonesian President

Jakarta - Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammad will meet presidential candidates Joko Widodo at the residence of former president Megawati , Jl Teuku Umar , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Monday ( 14/4 ) afternoon .

According to Mahathir , he does not have a specific agenda at the meeting , including Joko Widodo candidacy for president of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle .
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" We do not have a specific agenda to be discussed . We met as old friends ," he said .

Menara Bank Mega in Jakarta , Mahathir gave a public lecture " Malaysia - Indonesia Past , Now and Forever " , after meeting the CEO of CT Corp. Chairul . After delivering a lecture , Mahathir is scheduled to leave for Teuku Umar .

" I am meeting with virtually everyone . I hope anyone chosen to be president , whether it Jokowi . Malaysian will hold a good relationship with the new president . I do not know anyone . I will be friends with anyone , " said Mahathir when confirmed on the form of support for one of the presidential candidates .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

PDIP not sound as expected, the internal conflict sticking

Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI-P ) denied reports of internal divisions in the party bearing the white bull 's snout because of the vote in legislative elections ( pileg ) and not as expected .

In fact , the presidential candidate Joko Widodo PDIP reportedly expelled by Puan Maharani of evaluation results Pileg meeting at Megawati 's residence in Jalan Teuku Umar , Menteng , Central Jakarta, on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 last .

The campaign team affirms the PDIP Eva Kusuma Sundari , the meeting was not attended by ladies known as the Chairman of the Election Campaign ( Bappilu ) PDIP . In fact , since the election on April 9 , until now , Jokowi never met again with Puan Maharani .

" Preaching Jakarta Post dangerously misleading and not true, " said Eva when contacted on Sunday ( 13/04/2014 ) .

According to Eva , he immediately contacted Jokowi so read the news in an English-language publications that preach the Jakarta incident and the expulsion of the feud between Lady Situation Room controllers PDIP , Prananda Prabowo .

He explained that the news is regrettable because it is not equipped with the confirmation of Jokowi , Puan and Prananda . Therefore , further Eva , Jokowi also hope that the news can be rectified .

" Due to the fact that there is , immediately after the quick count coriander ( Megawati ) with Mr. Jokowi simultaneously evaluating draft presidential campaign . Results of the quick count gladly accepted because people have been dropping off as the winner pileg although PDIP misses target achievement , " said Eva .

Currently, more Eva , based on information Jokowi also , the internal situation conducive PDIP , and the current structure of the tight guarding PDIP count the many real problems in various areas related to fraud findings adverse PDIP . While the presidential election campaign in full preparation affairs are handled directly Megawati and Jokowi including meeting some time ago between the two at Teuku Umar .

Jakarta Post As reported previously , Puan angry and asked Jokowi left Pileg evaluation meeting held at the residence of Megawati . However , Prananda Prabowo who had been in charge of the Situation Room PDIP against Jokowi repel Puan step .

Puan Megawati is the daughter of his marriage to the late Taufik Kiemas . While Prananda or call Nanan known as the son of his marriage to the late Megawati Surendro .

In that proclamation called that Jokowi before the meeting blamed the political strategy of the vote in PDIP so Pileg not penetrate the target of 27 percent . Jokowi statement is called making Puan inflamed because they feel blamed . Until the end of the meeting which was also attended by a number of officials PDIP Puan shed his anger and repel Jokowi .
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Not only that , Megawati also reportedly moved to tears during the meeting . The reason is not because Jokowi evicted but have witnessed their child 's own contention .


Friday, April 11, 2014

WhatsApp update v2.11.212 on Android, Maximize Bug Fixes

For users WhatsApp on Android OS -based devices , the messaging application has released the latest update version 2.11.212 . In this application updates , bug fixes WhatsApp maximize ( bug fix ) , and did not provide additional new features .

Quoted from Softpedia , ( 04/11/2014 ) , the latest from the WhatsApp application is still a ' beta ' , not stable and is only available on the web WhatsApp , not in the Google Play Store . This is the third update to the beta version of WhatsApp released this week , where the previous version 2.11.211 , WhatsApp does not have an official changelog is not known to change / improvement.
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Fortunately , the final version does not , which according to the developers , WhatsApp Messenger v2.11.212 brings some bug fixes and performance improvements in sending messages faster than the previous version .

So far, no additional details regarding any of the changes that accompany the latest updated version of this . But at least WhatsApp confirms that in this latest version they simply maximize bux fixes and no new features are introduced in it .

For info , WhatsApp application is fully compatible with all devices Android OS v2.1 and above.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

ZTE Redbull, High Spec Android Cheap Prices

In recent years , high specification Android phones are getting cheaper price. ZTE not want to miss with a Redbull releasing Android phones , which is prepared to tempt the youth market .

Redbull ZTE recently launched in China with prices starting in the range of USD 113 or USD 1.2 million . Although priced low , the handset is already armed with quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor so performance is guaranteed .

Moreover, ZTE offered Redbull ? This phone brings 5 inch 720p display , 13 megapixel camera with Sony CMOS lens and aperture F2.2 , 5 megapixel front camera for selfie , dual SIM capabilities and a battery of 2400 mAh .
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ZTE Redbull consists of two differentiated versions of internal storage capacity and RAM . Youth version equipped with 4GB of internal memory and 1GB of RAM are sold USD 114 . Medium Energy version 8GB internal memory and 2GB of RAM is priced at USD 135 . Good news , there is a microSD slot for memory expansion .

With attractive designs and a choice of bright colors , ZTE Redbull aimed at youth segment . Moreover , the price is quite affordable and specifications are classified as qualified , a combination that sounds tempting .

For now , the handset design is similar to the Nubian ZTE models will be sold in China and there is no information whether the international market will also be visited . Similarly, as quoted


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Latvia bans telecast of the Russian government

Latvia Lithuania reportedly joined in banning television broadcasts of the Russian government found some programs because of the Ukrainian crisis tendentious and not aligned with the interests of the security of the nations in the Baltic region .

" The prohibition of broadcast for three months to all of the program on Rossiya television began on this day , following a decision by the National Electronic Media Council of Latvia , " said a spokesman for the media watchdog Latvia , Sanita Blomniece , told The Associated Press , yesterday , as reported by station Al Arabiya television on Tuesday ( 8/4 ) .

The council said the decision was prompted by the findings of the Latvian Security Police , who called the crisis in Ukraine in a report last month Rossiya presented in a way to justify military aggression against a sovereign state .

A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow , Pnsyantin Dolgovsaid , condemned the decision Latvia . He calls the prohibition of Latvia is the latest attempt to censor information and a violation of fundamental rights of access to the mass media .

The prohibition applied Latvia follows a similar ban from their neighboring Lithuania against Russian state television RTR - Planeta for three months , after the media watchdog in the capital Vilnius find a weekly news program on Ukraine said bias . Yesterday , the Vilnius Regional Court uphold the board's decision .
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" The program incite acts of violence against the peaceful citizens of Ukraine , justify military intervention into question the legitimacy of Ukraine and the Ukrainian authorities , " said court spokesman Sigita Jacineviciene Baltaduone . " This is obviously biased and may be intended to incite discord . "

Three countries in the Baltic region , Latvia , Lithuania and Estonia , the Russian ethnic minorities have a sizeable and increasingly concerned with the action of the Kremlin to the declaration of the State of Ukraine and it is called the Red Bear will protect Russian citizens abroad