Sunday, April 13, 2014

PDIP not sound as expected, the internal conflict sticking

Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI-P ) denied reports of internal divisions in the party bearing the white bull 's snout because of the vote in legislative elections ( pileg ) and not as expected .

In fact , the presidential candidate Joko Widodo PDIP reportedly expelled by Puan Maharani of evaluation results Pileg meeting at Megawati 's residence in Jalan Teuku Umar , Menteng , Central Jakarta, on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 last .

The campaign team affirms the PDIP Eva Kusuma Sundari , the meeting was not attended by ladies known as the Chairman of the Election Campaign ( Bappilu ) PDIP . In fact , since the election on April 9 , until now , Jokowi never met again with Puan Maharani .

" Preaching Jakarta Post dangerously misleading and not true, " said Eva when contacted on Sunday ( 13/04/2014 ) .

According to Eva , he immediately contacted Jokowi so read the news in an English-language publications that preach the Jakarta incident and the expulsion of the feud between Lady Situation Room controllers PDIP , Prananda Prabowo .

He explained that the news is regrettable because it is not equipped with the confirmation of Jokowi , Puan and Prananda . Therefore , further Eva , Jokowi also hope that the news can be rectified .

" Due to the fact that there is , immediately after the quick count coriander ( Megawati ) with Mr. Jokowi simultaneously evaluating draft presidential campaign . Results of the quick count gladly accepted because people have been dropping off as the winner pileg although PDIP misses target achievement , " said Eva .

Currently, more Eva , based on information Jokowi also , the internal situation conducive PDIP , and the current structure of the tight guarding PDIP count the many real problems in various areas related to fraud findings adverse PDIP . While the presidential election campaign in full preparation affairs are handled directly Megawati and Jokowi including meeting some time ago between the two at Teuku Umar .

Jakarta Post As reported previously , Puan angry and asked Jokowi left Pileg evaluation meeting held at the residence of Megawati . However , Prananda Prabowo who had been in charge of the Situation Room PDIP against Jokowi repel Puan step .

Puan Megawati is the daughter of his marriage to the late Taufik Kiemas . While Prananda or call Nanan known as the son of his marriage to the late Megawati Surendro .

In that proclamation called that Jokowi before the meeting blamed the political strategy of the vote in PDIP so Pileg not penetrate the target of 27 percent . Jokowi statement is called making Puan inflamed because they feel blamed . Until the end of the meeting which was also attended by a number of officials PDIP Puan shed his anger and repel Jokowi .
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Not only that , Megawati also reportedly moved to tears during the meeting . The reason is not because Jokowi evicted but have witnessed their child 's own contention .


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