Monday, April 14, 2014

Mahathir: Malaysia Support New Indonesian President

Jakarta - Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammad will meet presidential candidates Joko Widodo at the residence of former president Megawati , Jl Teuku Umar , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Monday ( 14/4 ) afternoon .

According to Mahathir , he does not have a specific agenda at the meeting , including Joko Widodo candidacy for president of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle .
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" We do not have a specific agenda to be discussed . We met as old friends ," he said .

Menara Bank Mega in Jakarta , Mahathir gave a public lecture " Malaysia - Indonesia Past , Now and Forever " , after meeting the CEO of CT Corp. Chairul . After delivering a lecture , Mahathir is scheduled to leave for Teuku Umar .

" I am meeting with virtually everyone . I hope anyone chosen to be president , whether it Jokowi . Malaysian will hold a good relationship with the new president . I do not know anyone . I will be friends with anyone , " said Mahathir when confirmed on the form of support for one of the presidential candidates .


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