Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On acquisition, 7,000 employees and Purchase Bank BTN and BTN

Insurgency acquisition plan State Savings Bank ( BTN ) by Bank Mandiri is getting harder . Now even 7,000 employees BTN BTN already bought shares and shares of Bank Mandiri as a strategy to thwart the acquisition by Bank Mandiri .

According to Satya Wijayantara , Chairman SP BTN , of Movement " One Worker One Lot " starts from April 14 to 24 April. From a total of 11,000 employees BTN , 7,000 of which have already bought shares BTN Independent and 1 lot each . " The value may be small if the summed total . Less than 4 per cent stake in BTN and the Bank , " said Satya KONTAN when contacted on Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

Under the existing provisions , a shareholder under 4 percent did not have the power of sound to be heard in the general meeting of shareholders ( AGM ) . " But if the 7,000 people attending the AGM Independent and BTN , can we abort it if you want to be made a fuss , " says Satya .

Satya asserted , since the beginning of the State Minister for State-Owned Enterprises ( SOEs ) Dahlan Iskan wrong in managing the BTN as an SOE management . Dahlan Iskan still use the paradigm as an entrepreneur solely to maximize profits .

" He did not see the value of benefits to be given a SOE for the nation . Since 2006 , BTN has a mandate from the Government and the Commission and Commission XI VI to be the main conduit for the financing of subsidized housing lower middle income people , " says Satya .

Therefore , compact BTN employees oppose the motion " One Worker One Lot " . This movement invites employees to buy shares of BTN and BTN Bank 1 lot each . This movement has been started since April 14, the day after tomorrow to April 24.
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" Although small in value of the total stock , but we are optimistic could derail the acquisition agreement if our presence in the AGM made ​​a fuss . Fact if necessary , BTN Headquarters entrance will be closed , " said Satya .


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