Friday, April 18, 2014

Bluefin-21 dive beyond the limits of its ability

Underwater robots that comb the Bluefin - 21 base for the Indian Ocean searching for Malaysia Airlines MH370 has dived to exceed the maximum limit of her diving ability .

It made the underwater vehicle is at risk that did not happen earlier amid waning hopes Bluefin - 21 will soon find MH370 debris .

Bluefin - 21 belongs to the U.S. Navy and has become the core search sonarnya MH370 in zones away about 2,000 km from Perth in Western Australia .

However, searching by Bluefin - 21 on the ocean floor uncharted automatic safety mechanism that disrupt the underwater vehicle when delivered to a depth of more than 4.5 km .

This Friday or fifth dive mission , Bluefin - 21 had to dive to depths of 4,695 feet or exceed the maximum limits .

" This is the first time the Bluefin - 21 is lowered into the depths , " said Marine Lt. Daniel S. Marciniak told Reuters .

" Dive into the depths as it creates residual risk to the device and is carefully monitored by the U.S. Navy and ( owner of Bluefin - 21 ) Phoenix International . "

Marciniak justify the search area has been narrowed Bluefin - 21 is based on further analysis of the early signals are believed to come from the black box MH370 .
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Authorities say a U.S. Navy statement that hunt by Bluefin - 21 would require two months is one , otherwise the vehicle centered in the area of ​​underwater search has narrowed and more focused . Reuters


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