Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bawaslu: Total Violations Over 3,507 Cases Accomplished Pileg

Election Supervisory Body ( Bawaslu ) says total offense pileg 2014 based on public statements and findings in the field reached 3,507 cases . Consisting of 209 criminal offenses election , 3,238 administrative violations , 42 cases of violation of the code of ethics , and 18 cases outside the category of election violations .

Commissioner Bawaslu Nasrullah said , of total offense , the most widely occurred before to open the campaign is done . Totaled 3,238 violations , which dominated 2876 cases of administrative violations , 75 criminal offense cases , and 23 cases of ethics violations

" The rest of the quiet period until the voting and counting as many as 225 violation , " Nasrallah said in Bawaslu building , Wednesday ( 16/4 ) .

According to him , of the offense on the polling day until the counting process is still ongoing today is dominated criminal offense . At least 132 criminal offenses recorded Bawaslu election . Then as many as 81 cases of administrative violations , and 12 cases of ethics violations .

Campaign violations before the violation modes are found with the installation of props . Then the campaign outside the schedule , the involvement of village leaders in the campaign , political money , and the involvement of civil servants ( PNS ) , as well as the use of state facilities . Bawaslu also noted the campaign is not registered to the KPU 's campaign team .

In the quiet period , the offense shifted money politics . The implementation of the campaign in the mass media , although prohibited , until the action of the committee voting group elements ( KPPS ) affiliated with participant elections .

For example, distributing invitations choose diselipi insurance card or cards of certain candidates . Bawaslu also noted that many people do not get to choose the form C6 citing lack of form of the model.

Violations are troubling , said Nasrullah , was found at the time of voting and counting . Due to the potential violations manipulate election results and undermine the integrity of the election organizers .

Mode varies infraction . As with voters using the form C6 mjilik others . Voters to vote more than once . KPPS and witnesses to use the remaining ballots punched . As well as found also KPPS ballot before voting takes place . With mencobloskan ballots for certain candidates .

" The most worrying , the indication of a change in the official report form C1 KPPS TPS then submitted to the PPS . Different counting results , the content of which is owned witness C1 form and Supervisory Committee , " said Nasrullah .

Currently , he said , Bawaslu undertaking steps to ensure the investigation of suspected persons who perform the conversion .

" Like a crooked iron , we will straighten . If it is not caught in the PPS , the county / city , province . If there is no indication of manipulation though it was in the center , we can dismantle again from the bottom , " he said .
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Currently , in some areas has been arrested according KPPS naughty and police followed . Even a few cases have been handed over to the prosecutor . For trial soon .


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