Monday, March 31, 2014

U.S. Muslim congressman: Obama should use troops in Syria

The first Muslim member of the U.S. Congress , Keith Ellison , said President Barack Obama should use military force in Syria .

" Obama should use military force to destroy airports and reduce the ability to fly Assad and harm others , " Keith said in an interview , as reported by Al Arabiya television on Tuesday ( 1/4 ) .
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He added that the Syrian crisis is in a state of deadlock .

" We are at a point where the government can not defeat the rebels and the rebels can not defeat the government , " he said .

Keith also recommends stronger peace efforts to solve the crisis . Failure to support .

According to him another mistake Obama made ​​was its failure to support the opposition groups earlier , in the Syrian conflict .

" Obama should really engage with the opposition forces earlier in the crisis , " said Keith .

He said one of the key problems of Washington's strategy for the Syrian issue is the inability to engage Iran .
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"The error magnitude is that we never really engage Iran to resolve the conflict even though they are the key players and can not be ignored , " he closed .

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