Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hit-Tour Bus, Driver metromini Run

Accidents between buses metromini 07 majors Semper - Monday and Tri Star tourist buses occurred on Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) afternoon at Jalan Yos Sudarso , North Jakarta . After crashing into tour buses , the driver fled metromini also hit the pavement , up the pole impair traffic signs .

"The incident around 17:30 pm . According to witnesses , the driver crossed metromini busway lane , " said Team Commander Patrol Busway, Riki Wilman , when met at the scene .

According to Tri Star bus driver , at the time , he wanted to turn around . However , a sudden from the bus line trasjakarta come crashing metromini the front side bus he was driving . Instantly , the driver and the helper metromini escape .

" I want to turn it over , it suddenly metromini even speeding , collided with me , " said Misro , Tri Star bus driver .
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Luckily, the incident did not hurt the tourist bus passengers . According Misro , he was carrying elementary school students Banjarsari , Bradford, Central Java . There are 14 teachers and 52 elementary school students in the bus . Despite being in the middle of the road , the incident does not make long commutes . Only a few motorists who slow down to look at the incident .

The incident is currently being handled by TransJakarta officers and police officers . The bus driver then tourism will be questioned further . While metromini taken to the nearest police station .


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