Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Due Weight Down, Men's Immigration Detention Thailand

Not always successfully lose weight have a positive impact , at least for Ross Connor ( 33 ) , the man from Peterborough , UK.

The story began when Ross who weigh 133 pounds are desirous to lose weight jumbo . Moreover, the increasingly bloated body that Ross had difficulty breathing and walking .

Ross then followed a kick boxing training camp in Phuket Thailand for a year . To participate in this program must reach into his pocket Ross up to 6,000 pounds, or approximately USD 155 million .

It turns out that Ross effort was successful and ended the program when he was weighed STAYED shrunk to 82 pounds . Unfortunately , when he will return to England , Ross actually get in trouble with immigration officials at the airport .
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Officer Ross could hold as many people think different with the photo in the passport .

" It is a moment of the most worrying for me . I year I lost a lot of weight , but I did not think I would be prevented from boarding an aircraft , " said Ross .

Ross said he was not afraid to show the results of hard work has been to lose weight to his family .

Luckily, immigration officers eventually freed Ross after he showed photographs documenting the changes in body weight during a diet program in Thailand .


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