Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cost Rp 25,000, selling T-shirts in Figure Jokowi Klewer Market

T-shirt with the Indonesian presidential candidate , Joko Widodo , mushrooming in the market Klewer , Solo. T-shirt is priced at Rp 25000-35000 . Traders jerseys the market was flooded with buyers .

Based on the testimony of the merchants , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) , since discourse Jokowi will go forward as a candidate for president of the PDI - P , T-shirt design photograph of former Mayor of Solo is starting to emerge .

However , not only Jokowi T-shirt , sweatshirt another picture of former New Order ruler , Suharto , was widely sold in the market .

" Now the designs vary, there is currently wearing a shirt , no sir Jokowi laughing , quite in demand Mas , " said Imung , one of the traders in the market Klewer .
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Similar disclosed other traders , Ego . Ego claimed should increase the stock of T-shirt Jokowi recent days . " A day at least 5 jerseys , if fitting the weekends or holidays can be even more , " said Ego .

Also been reported previously , ahead of the 2014 presidential election on July 9 , the posters contain support for Jokowi popping corners Solo. One of them in the village Prabuwinatan , Village Gajahan , POND Market , and at Jalan Brig Katamso , Mojosongo , Jebres .

Posters along five meters in Mojosongo reads , " PDI-P Wins Absolute , Jokowi President Wins One Round " , written organization called People's Freedom Alliance .

According to local residents in Mojosongo , the poster is mounted about a month ago .

Unlike the posters who are in Mojosongo , larger sized posters about 5 x 6 feet , with a picture in the middle Jokowi background pictures of people who are interacting with Jokowi , plastered walls in the village belonging Prabuwinatan Surakarta .

The poster also reads a message of support for Jokowi . " Jokowi toward RI 1 ... Patience bro , wait for my day Gemah Ripah Loh Jinawi " .

Residents around the poster claimed recently installed . " Approximately a new once weekly Mas , already installed him there , " said Budi , a local resident .

Budi added that , as a resident of Solo , she is proud Jokowi can advance into the presidential candidate . " Hopefully smoothly and can win , " said Budi laundry business that opened the motor.

In response to the poster support to Jokowi , Chairman DPC Gerindra Solo Suprayitno legality criticism related posters .

"If it's a community initiative itself I think it fair thing , but a formal violation of regulations or not , related institutions having authority , " said Suprayitno .


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