Monday, May 19, 2014

Banning Bansos plagued by KPK, DKI Not Melt Dana KJP

Funds Jakarta Smart Card ( KJP ) not melted . Head of Financial Management Agency ( BPKD) Widjajanti Endang explained , yet due to the melting of the budget funds are funds bansos KJP .

Keep in mind , the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) has asked each regional head for not disburse grant funds during the legislative election campaign ( pileg ) and presidential ( election ) . Because there is concern that the budget be used for political purposes .

"Wait , we have to coordinate with the Commission , the Ministry of Home Affairs ( MOHA ) , and the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPK ) . In principle , the process of melting , " said Endang , at City Hall on Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .
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As a result of this delay in the Capital City students can not receive funds KJP . Supposedly , the distribution is done quarterly. In the 2014 budget , the budget for KJP , worth Rp 832 billion with the number of participants 619 000 learners .

In budget 2013, the KJP spending budget to $ 778 billion, with the number of recipients 689 000 learners . This year , the submission is allocated to the level of junior high school ( SMP ) and High School ( SMA ) . So , there is an increase in the budget of Rp 54 billion from the previous year's budget .

Head of Education Dept. Lasro Marbun explain the calculation based on the needs of middle and high school students cost . Amount is greater when compared with elementary school students ( SD ) .

" The cost of getting a high school will be more expensive . So , we calculate according to the needs of participants KJP , do not be late , " said Lasro .

On a different occasion , Vice Governor of Jakarta Tjahaja Basuki Purnama instruct BPKD melt bansos budget and grants . He asked KJP budget and the payment of fees for prioritized Honoree .

As information , in the 2014 budget , the city government will allocate funds and grants bansos reached Rp 1.2 trillion .

According to Basuki , the Commission recommends should only social assistance and grant funds are not channeled to individuals and foundations formed under three years of age . Moreover, he added , the program KJP not arise because of the legislative elections but the program began in 2012.

" KJP is already the program last year , has been popular . Many strange here , should be even banned , " said Basuki . The amount of funds KJP is Rp 240,000 to the level of SMA / SMK / MA , Rp 210,000 for SMP / MTs , and Rp 180,000 for SD / MI . These funds are usually dropped or liquid every three months to the learners .


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