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The characteristics, type and Benefits of cayenne pepper

Plant cayenne pepper is one of a kind shrubs and seasonal plants . Plant height reaches 50-100 cm . This plant has branches and twigs , covered by fruit and flowers . Production of fruit crops is highly dependent on the number of branches and twigs , meaning more and more branches and twigs , the more did the number of his . Cayenne pepper plant roots including root fibers which have many branches on the surface of the soil , the roots of this plant can only penetrate the shallow groundwater is estimated to only be able to penetrate the soil depth of about 25-40 cm . The leaves on this plant with a tapered end portion and a tapered bone pinnate leaves , about 4-8 cm in length and a width of about 2-4 cm .
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Interest on the outstanding chili plants on the sidelines of every branch in the state of hanging , has 4-6 petals with flower length is approximately 1-1.5 cm and a width of about 0.5 cm and about 0.5 cm long stalk . While the fruit itself cayenne oval shaped with a pointed end , there are varied in size large and small unisex . Cayenne fruit young generally not too spicy , but after dark or after being cooked , it will change very spicy . Chilies color when young will usually light green and turns red when ripe cayenne pepper , this color can be used to distinguish whether the cayenne pepper is ripe or not and how it feels .

Cayenne pepper touted originated from South America who later cultivated by the Indians for cooking purposes . Sometime chili began to enter and cultivated in Indonesia , which is evident today in Indonesian chili seasoning to be one of the much sought after and used in various cuisines . Plants of this seasoning now also has spread across the world .

Types of cayenne pepper
Based on the size and color , the type of chili pepper is divided into three , namely :

Small chili
This type of chili pepper that has the shape of a small , green , and stand upright on the stalk .

White chili
Shaped fruit is relatively larger than the small chili , and has a white color when young and turns into orange when older or when it has matured .

Is cayenne pepper with great fruit , green in color when young and turns into a dark red color when ripe or when .(see also: pakan burung kacer)

Benefits and content of cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper itself turns out to contain capsaicin , kapsantin , carotenoids , alkaloids , resins , essential oils , and vitamins A and C. Therefore, cayenne pepper has a variety of content , then the cayenne pepper has many benefits, including : helping increase appetite , normalize the feet and hands are limp , relieve coughing , nasal congestion relief for sinusitis , migraine , reducing the risk of cancer , and reduce the risk of stroke . Cayenne pepper is also touted as a natural antibiotic .


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